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EPISODE 190: Body Image & Your Sex Life

Body image can really mess with our heads — in bed.

For women, the way they see their bodies can have a big impact on their feelings of sexual desire and their ability to become aroused.

Today, on the Fat Murder Podcast, join co-coach Steph Miramontes and me as we discuss the feelings of body self-consciousness and how it often interferes with our sexual lives.

In fact, according to research, next to financial differences, negative body image is one of the biggest obstacles of sexual enjoyment in women.

There are two kinds of body image issues that impact a woman sexually:

  1. what she thinks of herself 
  2. what she believes her partner thinks of her body

Is this stone thing you’ve struggled with? If so, you’re not alone. Don’t miss today’s episode on how body insecurity has affected your sex life and what to do about it.

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