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EPISODE 166: Secrets to Success (Part 2)

Body image is one of the most challenging areas of work I’ve experienced both personally and professionally. And it makes sense.

We live in a culture that values thinness, so it’s only natural to desire and work towards being “better,” fitter, and a “toned up” version of yourself. This is what society deems as a representative of beauty.

Since our earliest days, we have been taught to feel shame about our body and overall appearance. Following the natural path of aging is viewed as problematic:

So it’s understandable if even entertaining the idea of not trying to change your body feels wrong, unnatural and scary.

Disliking how you look is sadly normal.

But is it possible to like our bodies AND want to change them?

Of course, changing our body can help us “feel better” because our culture praises appearance and tells us our self worth is dependent on how we look, so when we feel like we are “fitting in” with what society deems acceptable, we will naturally feel better.

But the thing is, these pursuits aren’t sustainable and they almost always lead to disappointment, more frustration and more unhappiness.

The pursuit of weight loss can also distract us from things that truly matter to us…meaning they pull us away from our values. But we keep revisiting this dead-end path, hoping this time we’ll arrive somewhere that makes us happy.

That’s the empty promise of the diet and beauty industry. This is how they thrive off of your insecurities. Without you disliking your body, they can’t sell you a solution to fix it. 

They NEED you to hate yourself to maximize their profits.

There are a lot of variations of what healthy body image actually means.

To me, positive/healthy body image doesn’t mean loving your body. For me, it comes from a place of acceptance.

The goal isn’t to LOVE my reflection in the mirror, it’s to find appreciation and respect for how I’m able to explore this planet and experience this beautiful life. Wearing size 2 skinny jeans or weighing 120 pounds is not a prerequisite.

Join coach Steph Miramontes and me on today’s episode of the Fat Murder Podcast as we dive into this delicate topic and help you better understand how you can love your body AND want to change it at the same time.

Check out today’s podcast to learn how.

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