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EPISODE 160: Cultivating Confidence in Your Eating

Today, on the Fat Murder Podcast, co-coach, Steph Miramontes and I talk about confidence. More specifically, how to create confidence, because this is one of the biggest issues that so many of our clients struggle with.

Why does confidence even matter?

Why is it something that we should strive for, and create in our lives? I personally think that it’s very important because with your dreams combined with confidence you create the life you’re meant to live.

Your dreams combined with self-doubt will breed a lot of resentment. It’s important to generate as much confidence as you possibly can. Confidence will determine the actions you take towards the things you want in your life, and that’s why it matters. Feeling confident is a skill.


Cultivating confidence is a skill and the skillset is made up of how you think, and how you direct your mind. Give today’s episode a listen and let me know what area of your life you’re going to practice building confidence in. I look forward to your comments.

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