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EPISODE 146: Fixed vs Growth Mindset: The Two Perspectives That Shape Our Lives

Today’s episode of the Fat Murder Podcast with co-coach, Eileen Trujillo, is all about language and the powerful ability it has to impact our daily lives.

More specifically, the difference between having a growth vs fixed mindset.

For example:

Growth mindset: I *ate* like an asshole.
Fixed mindset: I *am* an asshole.

See the difference?

Someone with a fixed mindset believes “who I am” is static. They give themselves no wiggle room for change. Their successes and failures simply define who they are.

Whereas someone with a growth mindset believes that “who I am” can evolve and become developed; every failure is an opportunity to learn. Their successes and their failures are separate from who they are.

The trick to accepting yourself is to see your behaviors as something separate from yourself.

The most helpful way to go about doing this is by changing your own inner dialogue and understanding that who you are and what you do are not the same thing.

To learn exactly how you adopt this mindset of excellence, be sure to listen to today’s episode and let us know what key takeaway you’re going to implement in your own life.

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