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EPISODE 145: How to Break the Bad Habit of Snacking

In this week’s episode of the Fat Murder Podcast, co-coach, Eileen Trujillo, and I talk about the one way you may be sabotaging your fat loss without even knowing it — snacking.

After a long, hard stressful week at work, it’s not uncommon to plop down on the couch and surrender yourself to a world of left swiping on Tinder.

Now there’s nothing wrong with any of that, as it’s a perfectly normal human response, but the issue becomes problematic when we also have cheese-dusted finger tips after being elbow deep in a bag of Doritos.

Here’s the problem with mindless eating: You’re 53% MORE LIKELY to continue eating (often to the point of discomfort) if the food is in front of you.

Think about it. How much more food do you eat on Thanksgiving or at buffets? Well, according to scientific research, humans average they UNDEREAT 20-40% more than they actually do.

So whatever number you just came up with? It’s probably a really bad estimate.

BUT, knowledge is power, so join us for today’s episode and let us know which actionable strategy you want to begin implementing on Instagram — @lesliemhooper

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