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EPISODE 133: 6 Reasons Why You’re Struggling to Achieve Your Goal

Sure, reading is cool, and I’ve definitely learned a lot over the years by doing it, but it’s not a substitute for taking action.

Body transformations are a lot like dancing – you don’t learn by watching, you have to get on the floor and learn the steps.

Sadly, the action step is where most get stuck and ultimately fail. That’s why, today, co-coach, Steph Miramontes, and I want to talk to you about the 6 primary reasons why people never achieve their goals (and what you can do about it).

I used to be a massive procrastinator and called myself lazy.

As it turns out, I just didn’t have any strategies in place to set myself up for success. It was going to take more than installing a productivity app on my phone if I wanted to finish the things I started.

Today, on the Fat Murder Podcast, we talk about the strategies we use to help our clients stop dragging their feet and take action on the things they truly wanted in life.

What’s a goal in your life that you’ve been struggling to achieve?

consistently flossing your teeth?
waking up 20 minutes earlier?
completing 3 workouts a week?

The solution to your problem is in this episode. Give it a listen. I know it will help you!

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