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EPISODE 116: It’s Not About the Food

Your biggest challenge when trying to drop weight isn’t the food, it’s your mind.

More specifically, your all-or-nothing mindset.

Does this sound like you?

You don’t want to diet
You want to be able to eat what you want
You want to be able to eat as much as you want
You want to be able to eat anytime you want

…without gaining weight.

You don’t want to diet, but you also don’t want to gain weight.

You know diets don’t work, because you haven’t been able to execute them long-term and always regain the weight you lose.

But you fear if you reject dieting then you’ll lose control and eat everything — without any boundaries — never stop…and gain weight.

And so you continue on the hamster wheel of dieting. Never any meaningful progress to show for it, but the act of doing *something* provides you with a false sense of control. Even when it’s not producing results.

This is your black-and-white thinking at play.

Not EVERYTHING you’ve learned through your years of failed dieting is trash. In many respects, you HAVE developed some healthy habits that are beneficial moving forward.

Just because you’ve decided to no longer follow a meal plan or count calories, that doesn’t mean you lack common sense, does it?

You still know what healthy portions look like
You still know what foods upset your stomach
You still know what quantity of food makes you feel uncomfortably full.

Rejecting diets doesn’t mean you eat until you’re sick. It requires common sense and a mental shift. It’s simply a different way to look at your eating.

It’s embracing the gray. No more black-and-white thinking created by food rules, diet books, and restrictive meal plans. It’s carving out a pathway created by YOU and your body.

Trust yourself. You don’t need a diet to tell you what to eat and in what quantity; your own internal and external physical guidelines will show you the way.

Eat when you’re hungry
Stop when you’re physically satisfied

Manage your mind so your emotions don’t cause you to seek comfort in food.

When there are no food rules to “break” there is no guilt to be had.

Join co-coach Steph Miramontes and me on this week’s episode of the Fat Murder Podcast as we help you navigate your way into a healthier relationship with mind, body, and soul.

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