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EPISODE 104: How to Keep Promises to Yourself

Why is it so much easier to keep promises we make to other people, but struggle to do this with ourselves?

You make a date to meet a friend for lunch.
Maybe when it’s time to leave the house to meet this friend, you no longer feel like going.

There’s no real reason why, but you just don’t want to go. Although, it’s too late. She’s already on her way there, so you have a decision to make.

Do you just not show up?
Do you just blow her off because you don’t feel like going?

Probably not. I suspect that you’re the kind of person who keeps their promises.


Because you care.

You care about what she will think.
You care about how she views you.
You care about being the kind of person who does what she says she will do.

So how do we translate this skill, that you already have, to you? How do you learn how to make and keep promises to yourself?

That is what co-Coach, Eileen Trujillo, and I cover in today’s Fat Murder Podcast episode today.

We will talk about the different kinds of promises you might make. And all the excitement you have when you first make them.

I know you think that excitement and motivation will help you follow through. And it does, to some extent. But you also need to take action and practice taking action over and over again.

We will talk about why it’s easier to make and keep promises in the morning and how to create momentum that will help you stay true to your word even as the day goes on.

You’ll learn why planning on a deep level really helps make keeping those promises easier, and how to plan and break down that promise into small doable steps.

Imagine now how amazing it would feel to do exactly what you said you would do, just like honoring that promise to a friend who is sitting waiting for you at lunch.

You can do this, and in this episode, we’ll help you how.

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