Leslie Hooper

Are Hot Pockets Sabotaging Your Progress?

Nearly everything we do as humans is habitual.

Like a jackass, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve mindlessly driven past the exit to my house and headed to the gym instead – purely out of habitual behavior.

I recently read that we tend to buy the same 20-ish foods every time we hit the grocery store.

If you want to start making healthier food choices, try substituting some of your usual pre-packaged items for something whole and fresh.

Be deliberate about including it in one of your meals each day. Maybe, at the beginning, you substitute your usual hot pocket for some baked salmon.

Photography by Nestle
Photography by Nestle

And then the next week you work in an apple with peanut butter instead of that pre-bed granola bar every day.

One thing I noticed about myself early on is if I went grocery shopping immediately after a workout, I was far more inclined to stick to my guns and choose healthier options, because that was the frame of mind I was in at the time.

Changing behavior patterns that we’ve been executing for our entire lives is a lot of hard work and takes an incredible amount of mental awareness, but small changes over time add up to big results if you stay the course.

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